Our Priorities

Each year, the Niagara Ontario Health Team – Équipe Santé Ontario Niagara (NOHT-ÉSON) determines health care priorities for the Niagara region. When selecting priorities, the NOHT-ÉSON uses a wealth of data collected from organizations throughout the region, as well as the unique insights of its membership. With this information, we identify the most commonly used health services in the region, and areas where integrating services can create the most positive health outcomes for Niagara residents now and in the future.

NOHT-ESON has identified priority populations in the early stages of its work in Niagara. Of utmost importance is ensuring everyone has the same access to care and receives their care in a culturally safe environment. The NOHT-ESON has made it a priority to build and strengthen trusting relationships with the Indigenous and francophone population.

How We Measure Success

NOHT-ÉSON is in the early stages of transforming health care and social service delivery across Niagara. At its maturity, changes will include:

  • A fully coordinated range of care and services.
  • 24/7 access to system navigation services and seamless transitions through your health care journey.
  • Improved access to secure digital tools, online health records and virtual care options.

These changes will ultimately lead to:

  • Better health outcomes for the people of Niagara.
  • Improved health care and social service interactions and experiences for patients/clients and families/caregivers.

Priority Populations


    Integrating Complex Care Needs in Palliative Care and Stroke Care

    Complex needs describes people who require more than one medication or have more than one person on their health care team. People receiving palliative care or stroke care typically are categorized as having complex needs. Treating complex care needs in palliative and stroke care requires a high level of coordination between health care teams, and the NOHT-ÉSON has set as a priority the development of integrations for streamlining these health care services in the region.


    Children and Youth with Mental Health and Addiction Needs

    The region’s health care providers include a variety of organizations that offer preventative, diagnostic and treatment programs and services for children and youth with mental health and addiction needs. By working together to integrate care among the region’s mental health and addiction service providers, the NOHT-ÉSON aims to provide enhanced levels of support for the region’s children and youth, as well as their families, and to equip them with the skills and tools they need to successfully manage their mental health and addiction needs.


    People with Minor Acute Issues Requiring Home Care

    Minor acute issues include a wide range of care needs, including treatment of sudden illnesses, ongoing treatment of wounds or injuries, assistance with everyday tasks, medication reminders and administration, and many more. The region’s home care providers deliver care for these needs, and often work closely with other members of the health care community. By integrating care among the various service providers, we can provide seamless and more streamlined home care for people with minor acute issues throughout the Niagara Region.