About Niagara’s Ontario Health Team

Providing Quality Health Care for Niagara

Who We Are

The Niagara Ontario Health Team – Équipe Santé Ontario Niagara (NOHT-ÉSON) is a local health integration network of more than 45 health care providers, social service agencies, educational institutions and Patient/Client & Family/Caregiver Representatives in Niagara. We are committed to working together to build a more integrated, inclusive and seamless health care system with a goal of improving the overall experience and health outcomes for people in Niagara.

Together, NOHT-ÉSON partners are working to create an inclusive, efficient health care system that integrates and streamlines the delivery of health care services, making it easier for Niagara residents to access the care they need, and improving the overall experience and health outcomes for the residents of Niagara.

Our partnership is comprised of nearly every type of health care organization in the region, including academic institutions, acute-hospital and complex care providers, community health centres, community support organizations, Indigenous health and social service providers, mental health and addiction treatment providers, local health integration networks, primary care providers, rehabilitation and complex care providers, French-language support organizations, and several departments of the Region of Niagara.

Health Care Categories

Under the Ontario Health Team initiative, health care providers in the following categories are eligible to join the NOHT-ÉSON:

  • Primary Care (family doctors, nurse practitioners, and other professionals like pharmacists, dieticians, for example)
  • Acute Care (i.e. – in-patient and walk-in medical and surgical services, including specialist services)
  • Home Care
  • Community Support Services
  • Mental Health and Addictions Services
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services
  • Rehabilitation and Complex Care
  • Palliative Care (i.e. – hospice)
  • Residential Care and Short-Term Transitional Care (i.e. – supportive housing, long-term care homes, retirement homes)
  • Long-Term Care Home Placement
  • Emergency Health Services
  • Laboratory and Diagnostic Services
  • Midwifery Services

To see a current list of all Niagara Ontario Health Team partners, click here.

Niagara Communities within the NOHT-ÉSON

Partners of the NOHT-ÉSON include organizations located in Fort Erie, Lincoln, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Port Colborne, St. Catharines, Thorold, Wainfleet and Welland.

While the towns of Grimsby and West Lincoln are geographically part of the Niagara Region, health care organizations in these communities are partners of the Hamilton Ontario Health Team, and statistics collected from health care providers in Grimsby and West Lincoln are reported through the Hamilton Ontario Health Team.

Accessing Health Care Services in Grimsby and West Lincoln

Even though health care providers in Grimsby and West Lincoln are partners of the Hamilton Ontario Health Team, residents of Niagara, including residents of Grimsby and West Lincoln, can use any health care services in any community they choose. There are no geographic restrictions for accessing care.