Frequently Asked Questions

Ontario Health Teams have been introduced by the Government of Ontario to provide a new way of organizing and delivering care that is more connected to patients in their local communities. Under Ontario Health Teams, health care providers will work as one coordinated team to design a system for their population and deliver care to allow for a seamless transition for patients accessing health care, no matter where they provide care. Click here to learn more about Ontario Health Teams.

The NOHT-ÉSON will work together as one team toward creating a coordinated approach to care that makes it easier for patients to access services, creating seamless transitions between providers, and overall improves patients’ experience and health outcomes.

The NOHT-ÉSON will:

  • Increase access to integrated care
  • Improve ability to provide culturally safe and competent care
  • Build trusting relationships with Indigenous and Francophone populations
  • Simplify system navigation for patients, clients, families and caregivers, 24/7

Patients and clients will continue to access care from their existing care providers. They will still be able to choose who provides their care. People can be confident that they can continue to contact their health care providers as they always have to access the health care they need.

Improvements in integrated care through Ontario Health Teams will fundamentally change how patients, clients, families, and caregivers experience the health care system. As the NOHT-ÉSON progresses on its journey, patients will be able to more easily access and navigate the system and be better supported as they transition from one health care provider or setting to another.

We are building a connected health care system to improve the patient and caregiver experience and strengthen local services. These changes will make it easier for you to navigate the system. Providers will work together to take the guesswork out of transitions, where we know patients often feel lost and unsupported.

Source: Ministry of Health

  • Bi-weekly meetings were held between the hospital, Public Health, Primary Care, EMS, Mental Health and Addictions and Community/Long Term Care Centres, to discuss COVID response for issues such as Assessment Centre planning and support, staffing supports for Alternate Health Facilities if needed and Community needs and barriers.

  • There was a community Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) response led by Public Health, Primary Care and Hospital to support local supply and distribution of PPE across Niagara providers.

  • A congregate living system response was mobilized to provide assessments and supports as needed for Infection Prevention Control and crisis response

  • A Primary Care Communications Task Force was developed, to relay information rapidly to all primary care physicians and teams within the Region.

  • A migrant worker response strategy and support for testing, assessment and health system response was created.

Integrated care focuses on a more coordinated approach to care. It is a means to improve programs and services in areas of access, quality, patient and client satisfaction, and efficiency. The NOHT-ÉSON is working to improve the health care experience and services so patients will have:

  • One coordinated team of health care providers working together to meet your needs
  • A medical record that both you and your providers can access easily
  • Help in navigating the public health care system 24/7

Whether you come to the emergency department, a community health centre, or are receiving care in your home, the NOHT-ÉSON’s members will work closely together, so that it feels like one system to patients, clients, families and caregivers.

Yes. The NOHT-ÉSON has developed an engagement framework designed to give health care professionals and members of the public opportunities to contribute to and to stay informed about NOHT-ÉSON initiatives. Visit our Get Involved page to learn about opportunities for engagement, and fill in the sign-up form on the right side of the page to get started.