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Ontario Health Teams at maturity

A vision for OHTs

OHTs are evolving across Ontario under articulated multi-year plans which endeavour to meet the needs of local residents.

At maturity, every Ontarian will have access to an Ontario Health Team that will:

  • Provide a full and coordinated continuum of care for an attributed population within a geographic region;
  • Offer 24/7 access to coordination of care and system navigation services and work to ensure community members experience seamless transitions throughout their care journey;
  • Be measured, report on and improve performance across a standardized framework linked to the Quadruple Aim:
    • better patient and population health outcomes;
    • better patient/client, family and caregiver experience;
    • better provider experience; and
    • better value
  • Operate within a single, clear accountability framework;
  • Be funded through an integrated funding envelope;
  • Reinvest into front line care; and
  • Improve access to secure digital tools, including online health records and virtual care options – a 21st century approach to health care

Facets of care on the path to OHT maturity

Click upon the panels below to view details of the projected facets of care that become available from OHTs upon completion of Year 1 of organization and upon maturity.