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Welcome to the NOHT-ÉSON’s Digital Orientation. This experience has been created to support healthcare providers and other organizations within the Niagara community that wish to engage in partnership with the NOHT-ÉSON. You can expect to have achieved the following after completing this orientation:

  1. Understand the Ontario Health Team framework;
  2. Understand the NOHT-ÉSON’s history and progress as an OHT;
  3. Describe and operate within the NOHT-ÉSON’s policies and procedures; and
  4. Gain the tools to begin envisioning your contributions to the work of the NOHT-ÉSON

Please note:

In the following pages, reference to “Patient” may commonly appear throughout the text. In the appropriate context, “Patient” can also be understood to refer to “Client”, “Resident” or “Consumer” of Niagara Ontario Health Team health care services.